Why Choose Elephant? Reasons to Reassess Your Car Insurance


The way that consumers interact with brands has changed. Many customers are now used to taking charge of their own purchasing journey, thanks to the rise of direct-to-consumer (DTC) businesses.

From Warby Parker (eyewear) to Casper (mattresses), this first wave of digital-first companies democratized the business landscape—and forever turned consumer interactions on their head. Many of these successful DTC companies shared several key components, including web-only retail, direct distribution, and stylized branding efforts. But these pioneers also disrupted industries previously dominated by legacy players (read: big corps with big pockets).

The influence of DTC brands has expanded into nearly every sector, including insurance. While traditional insurance companies relied on outdated interactions, modern insurance companies are embracing these personalized, digital experiences and putting the customer first—all without losing their personal touch. Rather than hop in the car and talk to an agent in-person, customers can now compare providers online: on their own time and on the devices they prefer.

Think that all auto insurance providers are the same? Think again. Direct-to-consumer insurance providers have all but changed the nature of the game. At Elephant, we’ve fully embraced the DTC model and are happy to put the consumer in the driver seat—literally (safely) in the context of auto insurance! This means providing an easier, more efficient way to buy insurance.

Why choose Elephant? Here are a few ways we’re different.

1. Customizable Options

These days, one size does not fit all. And we think that’s a good thing! It’s important for our consumers to be able to customize insurance plans around their family, pets, and more. Our flexible insurance options protect your family’s wellbeing and provide peace of mind, whether that means a multi-car discount to cover numerous drivers in your family, or a good student discount to reward that studious member of your family. Plus, if you’re interested in benefiting from multiple policies at once, we offer bundling options, which means you can profit from combining multiple policies such as auto and property insurance.

Elephant Insurance also offers pet coverage to protect your four-legged friends in the case of an accident. The coverage automatically includes veterinary bills, medical expenses, and losses for policyholders who have full coverage with Elephant Insurance—all at no additional cost.

Finally, we understand that times are unpredictable, and that work is becoming increasingly flexible. At Elephant, we believe people are driving less if they’re working remotely—and that their auto insurance premiums should reflect the lower risks associated with fewer miles driven. Whether you work from home full-time or a few days a week, our recently introduced Work from Home discount allows consumers to save on their auto insurance.

2. Accessible Customer Experience

As we’ve reiterated, technology has all but changed the customer relationship. Many consumers now want brands that meet them halfway and provide authentic, personalized online experiences catered around their needs. But the actual interactions they have with real life people still matters. Because we know that sometimes, you still need to talk to a person.

At Elephant Insurance, we take this as a challenge to evolve our insurance experience around the needs of our clients. We’re constantly working to create synergy between our online tools and our real-life interactions. For example, we pay close attention to important net promoter score (NPS) metrics to indicate where we can improve our customer experience. And access to our technology is fully supported by members of our agent chat team—should you need to talk to someone when using any one of our digital tools.

3. Evolving Tools & Tech

Your time is valuable. That’s why we’re committed to making interactions with us as quick and efficient as possible. To that extent, we provide tools that make it easy to make changes to your policies on your own time—including adding or removing vehicles and making payments or adjustments to payment schedules.

It also means providing a modern claims process. While filing a claim was a dreaded process in the past, our claims tool fully embraces the DTC model—and puts our customers in the driver’s seat. Our handy online claims tool is designed to create a seamless claims experience. Featuring an easy-to-use photo app, our process helps mitigate any pressures that may result from an otherwise stressful situation.

We’re constantly improving our online tools to make your life easier. And we believe in providing a transparent, empowering insurance experience even before you select a policy. Our coverage calculator is developed to help you nail down exactly which types of insurance you need. This means you can learn which coverages be best for your situation—with zero commitment.


Interested in seeing how Elephant Insurance can make a difference in your life? The Elephant Coverage Wizard can help kickstart the process—and help put you on the right track.