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How is Elephant Insurance different from other insurance companies?

At Elephant Insurance, it’s not just our name that sets us apart from other insurance companies. We believe our core values of transparency, control, and value make us different. Those values allow us to put our customers at the center of all we do to deliver exceptional auto insurance with features and benefits that make… Read More

Published on January 18, 2024
Car Insurance

How to switch car insurance companies

Switching auto insurance companies is easy, but if you’re comparing prices make sure the coverages, limits, and deductibles on your new policy match what you have on your existing insurance policy. While your rate could be lower when quoting with a new auto insurance company, the protection and claims service they offer may be differ… Read More

Published on February 13, 2023
Car Insurance

Which are the most expensive cars to insure?

If you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, you’ve probably got quite a few different factors running through your mind. Mileage, the vehicle’s safety ratings, maintenance history, number of prior owners, accident reports, the down payment and overall price: all factors that are well worth looking into, and that’s far from an… Read More

Published on December 15, 2022
Car Insurance

Rules of Defensive Driving

Defensive driving, simply put, refers to a set of driving skills that best prepares you to respond to hazards on the road. When most of us think of the term “defense”, we might think of sports or martial arts before driving. However, while most of us might not typically think of defensive driving in these… Read More

Published on December 8, 2022
Car Insurance

Is a cracked windshield covered?

No matter what kind of driver you are — road-tripper, carpooler, or daily commuter — you know that car ownership comes with its fair share of hassles. Even keeping up with routine car maintenance can sometimes feel like a lot to handle. Throw even the tiniest cracked windshield into the mix, and now you’ve got… Read More

Published on November 29, 2022
Car Insurance

Thankful for insurance

If you’ve ever sat at a Thanksgiving table where everyone is asked to say something they’re thankful for, you’re not alone. However, it’s not very likely that someone answers with “car insurance.” Most people don’t go around trumpeting their love for car insurance. And there really is so much to be thankful for, that it’s… Read More

Published on November 24, 2022