Car Insurance Coverages


The one time being the “responsible one” isn’t a positive. This protection helps cover bodily injury and property damage when you’re at-fault.

Comp & Collision

The Dynamic Duo of car insurance. These two will save you from villains like weather damage, theft, or just plain crashing into something.

Uninsured/ Underinsured  

Be your own safety net. These coverages help you when the at-fault driver doesn’t have enough insurance, or any insurance at all.

MedPay & PIP

These two cover medical (and similarly related) expenses after an accident. They have a lot in common, but with a few key differences.

Additional Coverage:


Not too big, not too small—this coverage is just right. It’s a great back-up plan if you’re currently making payments on or leasing your car.

Rental Reimbursement  

When times get stressful, one less expense can be a relief. This insurance will pick up the tab when you need a rental car after an accident.

Non-Owner Car Insurance

For those who often drive cars that aren’t their own. This coverage helps you cover the costs if you cause an accident while driving someone else’s car.

Custom Parts and Equipment

Sweet rims, dude. Make sure they’re covered in an accident, as well as other kinds of custom mods on your car.

Services & Benefits:

Real-time Roadside Assistance

Why get your hands dirty if you don’t have to? This coverage means guaranteed help if you ever need a tow, a jump, or other roadside help.

Pet Injury Coverage

As fellow pet-owners, it’s important to us to do what we can to help your four-legged family members heal if they’ve been injured in an accident.

Diminishing Deductible

This feature is an ideal add-on if you know you’re a responsible driver. It allows you to have the lower cost of a high deductible and pay less out-of-pocket in an accident.


YourMechanic provides repairs, maintenance, and diagnostic services for your car — all from the comfort of your own home or office.


Sometimes you need legal assistance after an accident or traffic violation. This coverage offers the peace of mind of legal coverage for as little as $6/month.

Upgraded Accident Forgiveness  

The big brother of accident forgiveness. This add-on means you don’t have to wait the standard three years for an accident to be waived — you’ll be covered from the start of your policy.