Elephant Legal Assistance coverage

Protect yourself for as little as $6 per month.

You don’t have to be “in trouble” to need the advice, consultation, and expertise of a high quality attorney. With attorney fees averaging over $300 per hour, don’t miss this exclusive offer only for Elephant policyholders! We’ve developed Legal Assistance in partnership with Legal Resources, a leading provider of group legal plans, to protect you from high attorney costs.

How do I add Legal Assistance to my policy?

Just call a licensed agent at 1-855-ELEPHANT or login to your online account to add Legal Assistance to your Elephant policy. Your Legal Assistance ID card will then be included in your auto policy documents.

How do I use Legal Assistance coverage?

Your Legal Assistance ID card will be included in your policy documents once you purchase an Elephant policy. The ID card includes coverage information and the number for the Legal Resources member services department. When a legal need arises, simply call the number for the member services department on your ID card and you will be referred to a highly rated attorney in your area.

How will I know how much the attorney will charge me for his/her services?

Any fees for attorney services will be discussed prior to the service being completed. Not all attorneys practice all types of law so it is critical that you explain your legal situation to the member services representative. You will receive a claim number that you will provide to the law firm when you contact them for an appointment.

How do I know that the attorney I’m using is high quality?

Elephant has partnered with Legal Resources, an industry leader in providing group legal services.  All attorneys on the network are vetted and audited regularly by Legal Resources to ensure that the representation you receive is of the highest quality. Members at each firm are surveyed annually to assess service levels. Attorneys on the network average over ten years of legal experience and many are recognized as being experts in their field.

What is covered in terms of Legal costs?

Elephant Legal Assistance covers the attorney fees, or a discount on the usual and customary attorney fees. However, you may still be responsible for non-attorney costs such as filing fees, court costs, fines assessed, etc. Please refer to the policy documents for actual terms, coverage, conditions, and exclusions.

How will I be billed for Legal Assistance?

The premium for this coverage will be included in your overall monthly payment for your Elephant policy if you purchase.

Are pre-existing issues covered?

Pre-existing matters are covered at a 25% savings on attorney fees.

Who is eligible for Legal Assistance coverage?

All rated drivers covered on your Elephant policy are eligible.

What if I want to cancel the coverage?

Simply call one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service representatives to make the change to your Elephant policy at 1-855-ELEPHANT.