Rideshare Coverage

Ridesharing has become popular over the years as a means of supplemental income as well as a full-time job for many. Anytime you use your vehicle to drive passengers or deliver goods/services for a fee, you’re engaging in ridesharing. If you drive for a ridesharing company such as Uber or Lyft, you probably already know that your personal car insurance won’t cover you while you’re transporting your client.

Do I need Rideshare coverage if I already have personal car insurance?

The short answer is yes. If you drive for a rideshare app company, your personal auto insurance leaves gaps in your coverage. Your personal car insurance won’t cover you when the paying passenger is in your vehicle.

How does Rideshare Coverage work?

Elephant will provide coverage to the customer when they are using their vehicle for personal use and also, while they are getting ready to drive for rideshare, up until the time they accept the ride. Once the customer accepts a ride, the rideshare company’s commercial policy will provide coverage.

Rideshare Diagram

How to buy Rideshare Insurance

Elephant offers Rideshare Endorsement* you can add to your existing personal car insurance policy. The extra coverages help fill in the gap between your personal use and commercial policy.

It’s easy—call or quote online to add Rideshare to your policy!

Ridesharing FAQs

What kind of vehicles are not covered?

Limousines, buses, and large vans

What if I have an accident?

Call us at 844-937-5353 to file a claim

What if I stop working for a Rideshare Company?

You’ll be required to send documentation to remove the endorsement.

*Determined by state. Please contact an Elephant agent to ensure you qualify for Rideshare Endorsement.