Safe Driver App

What is the Elephant Safe Driver App?

Save money for driving safely. Elephant’s new Safe Driver App is a usage-based program to recognize and reward safe driving habits. When you use the Safe Driver App* you could see significant savings on your insurance rates. It’s just one more way we provide insurance on your terms.

How does it work?

As an Elephant customer, when you download and use the Safe Driver App, you will automatically receive a discount for just trying the app. You’ll receive up to an additional 10% discount 45 days later and up to 20% at your next renewal**. The more drivers on your policy that use the app, the more opportunities to save! It’s that simple.

The Safe Driver App Test Drive will take two to three weeks depending on how many miles you drive. There’s no need to turn the app off and on, just drive as you normally would during the Test Drive period. The Safe Driver App will let you know when the test period is done.

How to get started with Safe Driver

Sign up.
If you’re not already an Elephant customer, get a quote and join the Herd by purchasing a policy. Choose to participate by downloading the Safe Driver App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Receive a discount just for participating.

Drive with Safe Driver App for two to three weeks. Time will vary according to how many miles you tend to drive. The app will notify you when the Test Drive period is complete.

Forty-five days after the start of your policy, you will receive up to an additional 10% discount based on your safe driving habits.

What we measure to reward your safe driving

  • Focused Driving. You’re focused on your driving. You avoid getting distracted by texts or calls on your phone or by changing music often.
  • Limited hard braking. You give yourself plenty of time to brake. This means you’re not driving too close to the car in front of you and are focused on driving.
  • Late night driving is rare. You limit driving between midnight and 4 a.m. on weekends when the roads can be more dangerous.
  • Gentle turning. You turn safely by slowing down and ease your way into and out of each turn.
  • Fewer miles overall. You may work from home or you carpool. Driving less may save you even more.
*Currently available in a limited number of states.
**Your rate may increase with high-risk driving. Our data shows only about 1 out of 10 drivers actually have their rates increase.


Who is eligible for the Safe Driver App?

Currently Elephant offers the Safe Driver App for new customers purchasing a policy in Texas. We plan to offer it to new and existing customers in other states in the near future.

Is the app compatible with my smartphone?

The app is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

What is a Test Drive?

The Test Drive is the time the app takes to evaluate your driving.

How long will the Test Drive take?
The test drive must be completed within 40 days. Depending on the number of miles you drive each week, it may take as little as two to three weeks to complete.

What if I don’t drive very much?

Your driving frequency is a factor in your Test Drive score, and limited driving will most likely have a positive impact on your result. However, the app does need enough data to be able to make an accurate determination about your driving. Most customers, even those who drive infrequently, should get a score in about two to three weeks. You can monitor your progress in the app.

How will I know when it’s complete?

The Safe Driver App will let you know. You’ll also getting a communication from Elephant via email letting you know if you’ve qualified for any additional discounts.

How will I know how I’m doing on the Test Drive

In the Scorecard section of the app, you can keep tabs on how the test drive is going. When you drive, we consider things like braking, turning, safe hours, and safe phone use to calculate your score. Once we’ve recorded enough trips, we’ll give you an overall number score for how you’re doing as well as a rating on some of the key elements of your score.

safe driver app

How do I indicate when I’m driving or what about if I’m a passenger or not actually driving, will the app be able to tell?

Different forms of transportation transmit different data. So, it’s easy to tell whether you’re driving, riding as a passenger, riding a bike, taking the bus or subway, or even flying. If you feel we made a mistake, simply find the trip on your Scorecard in the app and select “I wasn’t driving”.

safe driver app
safe driver app

Do I need to log out after each trip or does the app need to be open to work?

The app does not need to be open. You actually give it permissions to run in the background on your phone when you set up the test drive.

Do I need to leave GPS on?

Yes. Without GPS, we won’t be able to determine your driving.

You enable GPS when you set up permissions after installing the app. Or you can enable it later by updating your settings to “always allow” location access.

How is driving performance calculated?

After you download the app and begin to drive, we collect high-frequency sensor data from instruments that already exist in your smartphone.

All of the data collected through these instruments are put into an algorithm that accurately determines the motion of your phone.

And the motion of your phone looks different when you’re the driver versus a passenger. During the course of your test drive, the motion from your phone develops patterns, and these patterns help us make sense of the data. Once we’re confident with the measurements, your test drive ends. These measurements contribute to the discount amount.

Will my driving information impact my insurance rates?

Yes! We will use your driving data to get a better understanding of how safely you drive. You will ultimately be the one in control of your rate — if you’re a great driver, we’ll give you discounts. On the other hand, not everyone is a safe driver. For a small percentage of customers, we may determine your driving behavior is not safe and will adjust your rate accordingly.

What qualifies me as a safe driver?

Braking, speed of turns, times of day, miles driven, using your phone while driving and driving routes are all considered when calculating your quote. Basically, follow the rules of the road and be mindful of other drivers when you’re behind the wheel.

I drive multiple vehicles – how does that work?

The app will be on your smartphone, so all you will need is to have your phone with you when driving any vehicle.

Do all drivers on my policy have to participate?

Only the policyholder is required to take a Test Drive. Other drivers may be added, and their driving scores would be considered for rating, but not required

How much will be my discount be? Can I lose that discount?

You will automatically receive a 3% discount for just trying the app. If you do not complete the Test Drive, the 3% discount will be removed.

You’ll receive up to an additional 10% discount 40 days later and up to 20% at your next renewal.  These discounts will depend on the Test Drive score.

How is my privacy protected?
We take protecting your data very seriously. This means we never sell your personally identifiable data (things like name, address, and drivers license number). Sensitive information is stored in an encrypted environment and any sensitive information submitted to us or by us is sent securely using encryption. Read our privacy policy [link to privacy policy]

Will the app drain my battery?

We do our best to make sure that our app is as battery friendly as possible — many customers report no change or very little change. The good news? Any short-term inconvenience could lead to big savings.

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