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Elephant cares about making car insurance easy and protecting those things that are most important to you. Find the answers you were looking for with our collection of car insurance guides and articles. And who knows you may find a few answers to questions you didn’t have yet!

Latest articles:

Getting married could mean changes to your auto insurance

Auto insurance tips

Auto insurance can be confusing. That's why we have pulled together a comprehensive list of helpful guides and articles that are sure to answer all your questions.

Your car can offer tax benefits

How to save money

Find valuable money saving tips - from the best ways to save money when buying car insurance to vehicle budgeting tips in our collection of guides and articles.

New technology can keep your car stopped at a red light

Car buying guides

A car purchase, be it your first or your third, can be complex. Learn how to buy a car, how to sell a car, how your purchase may change your insurance rate, and much more with our collection of car buying guides and articles.

Keeping up with recalled auto parts

Car maintenance

It’s important you to know how to take care of your car. Learn helpful vehicle maintenance and preventative maintenance tips in our collection of guides and articles.

Safe driving tips for new motorists

Car safety

Staying safe behind the wheel is a top priority. Elephant’s vehicle safety guides cover questions on auto insurance coverage, car safety ratings, defensive driving tips, top reliable cars, and much more.

Bullitt had one of the best car chase scenes of all time

Car news

Stay up-to-date with our latest articles on auto technology, car buying trends, electric car news, as well as car reviews from Elephant.

A spring break road trip is great vacation idea

Travel tips

Plan your next road trip with our travel guides. Whether you are looking for travel tips, or road trip games let our collection be your road trip planner.

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