Car Insurance

Insuring a camper van

A few years ago, a life of long road trips and exploring nature was something we could daydream about at our desks in the office. Now that remote work is more the norm, it’s possible to turn your travel dreams into a lifestyle. You can get the job done while taking your camper van to… Read More

Published on October 14, 2022
Car Insurance

Insurance on a leased car

When it comes to getting a new car, leasing is a great option for those wanting the newest models at the most affordable prices. A lease provides lower monthly payments and enables you to drive a car that may cost more than you can comfortably afford. Typically, maintenance costs are included in the terms of… Read More

Published on October 11, 2022
Car Insurance

How to get car insurance before buying a car

Buying a car involves a lot of decision making. What dealership should I go to? Should I go with a new or pre-owned vehicle? What make and model are the safest? Which features are a must? It’s a lot to consider! Another thing to consider before heading to the dealership is protecting your investment. If… Read More

Published on October 10, 2022
Car Insurance

Why is car insurance so expensive?

Everyone knows how quickly car expenses can add up. In fact, buying a car is one of the largest purchases most consumers will make in their lifetimes. But, the costs don’t stop once the car is purchased. Maintenance costs, repairs, and the ever-changing cost of gas all add up. Then, you have the price of… Read More

Published on October 5, 2022
Car Insurance

Anti-theft systems for your car

It can feel like a real-life nightmare when your vehicle is stolen. Preventing your car from being stolen is much easier than dealing with the police and your insurance carrier and tracking down your vehicle after it’s gone. According to the NICB, auto thefts have increased by 25%, with nearly half a million vehicles stolen… Read More

Published on September 30, 2022
Car Insurance

How to cancel car insurance

There are many circumstances where you may need to cancel your car insurance. These include moving, switching carriers, or getting rid of a car. Regardless of the reason, knowing when and how to correctly cancel your auto insurance policy is important. It isn’t always clear what needs to be done when canceling your car insurance.… Read More

Published on September 29, 2022