The best ways to lower your electric bill

As we move towards summer and temperatures have started to rise, you may have noticed that your electric bill has, too. And you certainly wouldn’t be the only one. Air conditioning can account for up to 50% of your electricity bill, and we know just how tempting it can be to really crank the AC… Read More

Published on May 5, 2022

The best in new smart home technology

Smart technology, such as the technology associated with our smartphones and smart TVs, has made our life easier and more innovative. These devices are all-in-one and intuitive, allowing us to handle our day-to-day tasks and entertainment options with a lot more efficiency and intelligence. So, too, do the latest in smart home technology — devices… Read More

Published on April 26, 2022

When to replace these common home fixtures

Home renovation can be both exciting and more than a little frustrating. There are many different, stressful decisions to make about materials, appliances, and more. In this guide, we’ll go through ten common home fixtures, their lifespans, signs they need to be replaced, and what to look for when you do replace them. Washers and… Read More

Published on April 19, 2022

Five renovations that affect your home insurance

Renovations are a great way to build value in your home. This can involve exciting activities such as designing a floor plan or deciding on a color scheme that will really make your house feel like a home. However, it’s so easy to get caught up with decisions and planning that having a conversation with… Read More

Published on March 30, 2022

Your commonsense guide to condo insurance

So you’re settling in, having just bought your first condo. This is a big investment into your future, and you feel like it was the right choice for you. You get to enjoy all the benefits of owning your first home without the associated headaches of maintenance that come with it. You know your HOA… Read More

Published on March 24, 2022

Is umbrella insurance right for you?

If you have an auto policy, homeowners policy, or insurance policies relating to recreational vehicles, you probably have sound peace of mind that if anything happens — a car accident, damage to your home or boat during a storm or theft — you are covered and can recover any losses that may occur. But, what… Read More

Published on March 17, 2022