5 renovations that can affect your home insurance

Renovations are a great way to build value in your home. This can involve exciting activities such as designing a floor plan or deciding on a color scheme. This can really make your house feel like a home. However, it’s so easy to get caught up with decisions and planning that having a conversation with… Read More

Published on December 28, 2022

The best in new smart home technology

Smart technology, such as the technology associated with our smartphones and smart TVs, has made our life easier and more innovative. These devices are all-in-one and intuitive, allowing us to handle our day-to-day tasks and entertainment options with a lot more efficiency and intelligence. So, too, do the latest in smart home technology — devices… Read More

Published on April 26, 2022

Winter damage prevention for your home

No matter what winter looks like where you live, whether it’s snow and ice all season long or 70 degrees one day and in the teens the next (we’re looking at you, Virginia), the colder months come with unique challenges to keeping your home comfortable and safe. A buildup of condensation plus freezing temperatures can… Read More

Published on January 6, 2022

Homeowners insurance for newer homes vs older homes

On the list of major purchases, it doesn’t get much bigger than buying a new house. And while there’s a certain charm to getting a place that’s been lived in, there’s also something special about being a home’s initial tenants.

Published on April 13, 2021

Things to know as a first-time homebuyer

If you’re thinking about entering the housing market, the following are a few important things to know when buying a house in today’s environment. 

Published on April 8, 2021
Car Insurance

How does marriage affect insurance?

After wedding bells ring, there are often a number of things to work through as couples start the process of merging two separate lives together. There are the fun things, like starting to form your own family traditions and beginning life as an official team of two. There are other big and small considerations to… Read More

Published on February 9, 2021

Insurance Bundling 101

“Bundling”. “Multi-policy plans”. You’ve probably heard these terms tossed around in insurance commercials and on your own provider’s websites and social media pages. We know you probably have some understanding of what insurance bundling means. Then again, sometimes everyone wants to ask the same questions but may be too afraid to admit what they don’t… Read More

Published on January 26, 2021

A Homeowner’s Safety Guide for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is affectionally thought of as the most wonderful time of the year, and with good reason. Whether your favorite thing about the year is the holiday lights, the festive music, delicious food, or the opportunity to give to people you love or to your community, cheer is usually abundant around the holidays.… Read More

Published on December 16, 2020

Homeowners Insurance: Myths and Misconceptions

Like many other elements of the insurance industry, homeowners coverage is subject to a number of mistaken beliefs widely held among American consumers.

Published on August 6, 2014