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While some people will stick with the same insurance company their entire lives, there will certainly be some that are going to switch providers. If you fall into that group, consider the following helpful tips to ensure this process goes off without a hitch.

Winter driving facts across the United States

Winter can be an enjoyable time of the year; however, with 70% of U.S. roads located in snowy regions – averaging more than five inches of snowfall annually – it can also be a treacherous time of the year for drivers if simple precautions are not taken.

Elephant Auto Insurance recently polled drivers and discovered some surprising statistics around winter driving preparation.

If your teen is new to driving or hasn't been behind the wheel during the winter season before, the following safety tips should help them adjust so that they avoid a fender bender or major accident.

How to prepare your car for the road this winter

Driving in winter is no sleigh ride. Make sure your car is well maintained and prepared for winter driving. Watch this video and reduce your risk of a mishap on the road this winter.

How to drive safely in winter conditions

Drive smart and drive safe. Winter weather conditions can test the most experienced drivers. Watch this informative video to learn how you can be a safer and better driver in winter.